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Did you know that when you say something or someone has a pleasant aura about them, you are describing an actual energy field which exists around all things?

This energy field surrounds everything that has an atomic structure, both animate and inanimate, but is most active and easily detected around plant and animal life. The energy emanations around a human body include electrical, magnetic, heat and light vibrations.

Special cameras have been used to photograph the aura, which in humans changes according to varying emotions and thought patterns, physical health and environmental conditions.


Composed of several different levels and layers, the human aura is three dimensional and surrounds the body in an elliptical shape, extending out up to several feet in all directions. The size, strength and colours of the aura depend on many factors and reflect a person's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual state. Being able to sense and/or see the aura, therefore, has applications in alternative medical treatment as well as in the pursuit of spiritual and psychic development.

When seeing the aura, the layer closest to the body or object is the most readily detectable and is usually perceived as a soft haze of pale blue or white. Many books are available which describe the meanings of other colours which appear in the aura, which are visible with practice.

To practise seeing your own aura, try this simple exercise. Using a solid white background, extend your left arm straight out in front of you, with the fingers of your hand slightly spread out. Extend your right arm as well, again slightly spreading the fingers on your right hand and holding it 2 to 3 inches above the other hand. Look at your left (further) hand through the open fingers of your right hand, allowing your eyes to relax. Your vision will softly unfocus, and within a very short time, you should be able to see a soft light-coloured glow around the fingers of your right hand, and probably your left hand as well.


An even simpler exercise is to find a spot outdoors where you can see the tree line. Looking at the tops of the trees, allow your gaze to relax. Eventually, keeping your eyes in this soft focus, you'll see a haze or shimmer right above the tops of the trees, which is their aura.

Children are especially sensitive to auras naturally, and this can account for why they will often surprise you by drawing people, pets and their surroundings in unusual (for us) colours.

Auras are usually strongest and most easily detected around the head, accounting for artistic depictions of halos around spiritual masters and religious figures. Colours in auras are highly significant - gold, the most common colour of halos, representing spiritual enlightenment.


The expression 'off-colour' is another way of expressing a feeling we've gained on a subconscious level. People are sensitive to colour as well as the other components of the aura and this is one reasons we sometimes feel something is not quite right, or we feel an instant attraction or dislike for someone or something.

In all human relationships, auras interact to a greater or lesser degree. The more intimate the relationship, the longer the effects of the other person's aura will remain part of your own energy. Favourite objects, chairs, locations, etc. also absorb a part of our energy or aura over a period of time, and thus become comfortable and energized in a familiar way.

Research is being done to study the effects of animal auras on humans, and much has been written about the beneficial effects of animal companions, particularly for the ill and the elderly. In addition to the other ways in which we communicate with and benefit from our pets, isn't it logical that by stroking or being close to each other, the interaction of your pet's healthy and loving aura can strengthen your own?

Maybe the next time you hug a friend or pat your dog or cat, you can experiment by trying to feel your energy fields mingle. And when you ask someone 'How are you today?', you can verify it for yourself by looking just a little beyond the immediately visible, and checking out what their aura says.

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Zsuzsana Summer

Zsuzsana Summer

Zsuzsana is a renowned professional psychic, syndicated columnist and New Age author.

Visit Zsuzsana at www.arcanamatrix.com for everything from Angels to Wicca and lots of metaphysical goodies in between.

Her new book, 'The Now Age' - and the basics of Today's Spirituality, is scheduled for release in 2004.



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